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Recently our house was renovated: we got a new beautiful kitchen!  Our kitchen was part of the house we moved in many years ago and was somehow old-fashioned.  We decided to go for a new, very modern, but also with a touch of the past - kitchen.

We heard that Mrs. Victoria Tolley was a master at kitchens, so we talked to her.  We really  made a great choice, because she totally understood our needs and wishes, and she also added her great knowledge about the modern kitchens, so today we have really a beautiful kitchen.

She was very competent, very on time with the schedules promised, since our kitchen is the heart of our house.  Today in our house we have absolutely great kitchen, very modern, very workable - not a minute is wasted because it is so well built.  Now after this beautiful renovation, the heart of our house, our kitchen - is also place to be admired about.

Should you want to see our kitchen, please arrange the meeting with Mrs. Tolley.  We would be happy to show off her work.

Valentina Kremar

About 12 years ago my husband and I had used Viki to design our kitchen when we were building our house. We were thrilled with the result, and as a matter of fact, we liked the colour scheme of the kitchen so much, we carried it through to some of the other rooms in the house. Our home design was very modern and the kitchen was perfect. In fact, it's still so "cutting edge" that many people comment on what a "modern" kitchen we have, 12 years later! Just last year we wanted to add some more counter space and cabinets, so of course we called Viki. Once again, we're extremely happy with the results. I have recommended Viki to several of my friends.

Joan Butler
Glen Road, Toronto


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